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Heather Elise

Hey there!

I'm a LUCKY San Diego wedding photographer who has photographed weddings, families and individuals for over 18 years! 


As a San Diego native, I love photographing my clients in the amazing natural studio that we call home. I've been lucky enough to photograph destination weddings in D.C., New York, Washington, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Montana, Missouri, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and all over California. I will go ANYWHERE because I love to travel!  


I so want YOU to enjoy the entire experience of your photo shoot by making you feel comfortable and by having FUN while my creative juices are flowing! I want YOU to not just walk away saying, "that wasn't so bad!"....I want you to walk away saying, "that was a total blast!"

I've won awards through and but my reviews are my biggest award. I have a hard time asking for reviews (because I don't want to bother anyone with it) so nearly all of the reviews you see of me have been posted without me knowing! Always a nice surprise! I get overwhelmed with love from my clients and so appreciate staying in touch over the years!


Family, Travel, & the Ocean

I'm a born and raised San Diegan and while I went to SFSU and UofA for a bit and travelled the world some, I came back to this rad town because it has everything I need....including my family.


When I'm not behind the camera I'm in the ocean, on the slopes, or volleyball court, traveling and loving on my hubby, two little girls and puppy.  I want my girls to have a love for the earth and all it has to offer so we bundle them up or suit them up and try to get them out there! And sometimes the farthest I can get them is the backyard!

"I have to pinch myself everyday! I am truly lucky to share such special occasions with so many different people doing what I love. It is hard to call this a job....rather a passion!"

-Heather Elise

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