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Front Porch Family Photos for the Neighborhood!

I HAD to do something! I know we have all been feeling the quarantine cray. To combat this I started what I thought would be good idea for my neighborhood. (Turns out other photographers also had the same idea starting on the east coast). I walked my neighborhood for a week and anyone could have a free few minute family photo session. This was free and/or a donation to their own favorite charity in honor of our essential workers. I got a response! A BIG response! I was completely overwhelmed at how many families wanted to participate and though I am just one small business, my neighborhood was BIG and together we made a BIG difference. I simply thought this would be a great way to keep my mind focusing on the positive and make some silly quarantine faces with my neighbors....but it turned out to be so much more. What I very much realized is we are still living life while this pandemic continues. Life has not "paused." In this spirit be kind to each other, lift each other UP and smile with your eyes! ;)

Check out the following video to see some of my rad neighbors and all the charities positively affected and a lil thank you from me! #ranchobernardofamilyphotos #familyphotos #ranchobernardofamily #westwoodstrong #sandiegofamilyphotos #sandiegofamilyphotographers

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