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Hymna + Dustin | Tivoli Wedding

Hymna and Dustin celebrated their love at the Tivoli Wedding Venue on April 1st, 2022. Their charming wedding ceremony took place in the gardens under the shade of a big, green, tree overlooking the hillside and surrounding valley which had a very Italian countryside feel. They said their "I Dos" under a timber wedding arch decorated with flowers of cream and soft pink to match the bridesmaid's dresses.

As a wedding photographer it does make my job easier when photographing fun, smiley people with stunning backdrops that the Tivoli offers. The bride and groom lapped up the Tuscan feel to this venue with its olive groves and herb gardens. It is amazing we can get such diversity in our wedding venues right here in San Diego.

Also, what a fun date to celebrate your wedding day, April 1st - April Fools Day! Even the groom should remember that date for future anniversaries. I wanted to write about the origins of April Fools Day and why we celebrate it by doing pranks on each other but couldn't really find out where April Fool's Day officially started. There are a few theories for those interested, something about the beginning of the year traditionally starting at the end of March, the Spring Equinox. In 1564 France changed its calendar to the more modern Gregorian version moving the celebration of New Year from the last week in March to January 1. For those in the countryside where news didn't travel fast they continued to celebrate on April 1st and were scoffed at as fools.

So, there you have it. Another wrap on an amazing wedding.

To the Bride and Groom, Hymna and Dustin.

Wedding ceremony and reception venue – Tivoli Wedding Venue

Coordinator – Autumn Larsen

Photographer – Heather Elise Photography

Flowers – Shannon Snaderfeld

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