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Kyle + D'Andre | The Crossings at Carlsbad Wedding

The beautiful coastal wedding ceremony of Kyle and D’Andre took place at the fabulous wedding venue at the Crossings at Carlsbad. Let me fill you in on the fun.

The girls shared many a laugh as they glammed up in their gorgeous matching navy blue satin lace robes which were then switched out with their mismatching navy blue bridesmaid dresses.

I just have to say, these types of bridesmaid dresses are the best. Once the color is chosen, in this case, the timeless elegant navy blue, the bridesmaids can then choose the most flattering style to suit their silhouette. And they certainly did make a stunning bridesmaid party.

While the hair and make-up routine was going on the girls enjoyed some bubbles and a quick game of ‘keepy uppy’ (for all those Bluey fans you’ll know what I’m talking about. I have a slightly obsessed four year old at home).

Meanwhile, the men were making themselves handsome as they dressed in their suits and helped each other get their ties just right. As the photo shoot moved outside the guys’ donned their matching sunglasses and struck a few fun poses. It’s always such a joy being a wedding photographer, sharing these special moments, especially in San Diego where it’s eternal sunshine.

Stars and planets were the theme of this charming wedding with a side of donuts, of course, thanks to VG Donut. As the wedding guests enjoyed these delicious treats the dance floor lit up. DJ Andy from the Groove was on fire and even brought along the very entertaining photo booth.

All-in-all another fabulous fun filled wedding celebration. Congratulations to the bride and groom, Kyle and D’Andre!

Wedding ceremony and reception venue – Crossings at Carlsbad

Coordinator – Gretchen Durgan

Photographer – Heather Elise Photography

Flowers – Flower Power

Photobooth – The Groove

DJ Andy – The Groove

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